TPdFs 2015

Transition Postdoc Fellowships Approved in 2015:

  1. Exploring the silent fitness landscape
    Principle investigator: Dr. Victor Garcia (ZHAW)
    Host lab: Dr. Maria Anisimova (ZHAW)

  2. A systems biology approach to the regulation of compartmentalization through liquid phase transitions
    Principle investigator: Dr. Reinoud de Groot (UZH)
    Host lab: Prof. Lucas Pelkmans (UZH)

  3. Targeting bottlenecks in the evolution of metastatic potential - modeling metastatic signaling networks with imaging mass cytometry
    Principle investigator: Dr. Hartland Jackson (UZH)
    Host lab: Prof. Bernd Bodenmiller (UZH)

  4. Targeted intron retention as a novel mechanism for neuronal plasticity
    Principle investigator: Dr. Oriane Mauger (UniBas)
    Host lab: Prof. Peter Scheiffele (UniBas)

  5. Reconstituting ESCRT-III-mediated membrane fission in vitro
    Principle investigator: Dr. Joachim Moser von Filseck (UniGE)
    Host lab: Prof. Aurélien Roux (UniGE)

  6. Single cell analysis of the onset of circadian oscillations in differentiating ES cells
    Principle investigator: Dr. Eric Paquet (EPFL)
    Host lab: Prof. Felix Naef (EPFL)

  7. Molecular signalling fingerprinting of human hematopoietic stem cell fate
    Principle investigator: Dr. Weijia Wang (ETHZ)
    Host lab: Prof. Timm Schroeder (ETHZ)

  8. Modeling mechano-biology of the artery to drive the design of novel bioresorbable stents
    Principle investigator: Dr. Gautham Sivachander Yepuri Ramesh (ZHAW)
    Host lab: Dr. Sven Hirsch (ZHAW)



Dr. Eavan Dorcey
Scientific Coordinator
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