TPdFs 2013

Transition Postdoc Fellowships Approved in 2013:

  1. Neuronal modulation of the cell-to-cell variability in brain energy metabolism
    Main Applicant: Dr. Guillaume Azarias (UZH)
    Research Group: Prof. Bruno Weber (UZH)

  2. Systems-level study on the origin and variation of lag times in E. coli
    Main Applicant: Dr. Markus Basan (ETHZ)
    Research Group: Prof. Uwe Sauer (ETHZ)

  3. 4-Dimensional Analysis of Neural Stem Cell Commitment in the developing Telencephalon
    Main Applicant: Dr. Marion Betizeau (ETHZ)
    Research Group: Prof. Dagmar Iber (ETHZ)

  4. Understanding the genotype to phenotype transformation for cholesterol regulation using a network based approach
    Main Applicant: Dr. Peter Blattmann (ETHZ)
    Research Group: Prof. Ruedi Aebersold (ETHZ)

  5. Assessing the impact of cancer-associated mutations on the kinase interaction networks
    Main Applicant: Dr. Marija Buljan (ETHZ)
    Research Group: Prof. Ruedi Aebersold (ETHZ)

  6. 3D mass cytometry - a new technology for multiparameter tissue imaging
    Main Applicant: Dr. Serena Di Palma (UZH)
    Research Group: Prof. Bernd Bodenmiller (UZH)

  7. Applications of network reconstruction, graph theoretic analysis and qualitative modelling to virus-host interaction networks
    Main Applicant: Dr. Maria Pamela Dobay (UniL)
    Research Group: Dr. Mauro Delorenzi (SIB)

  8. Mathematical Modeling of Population Epigenetics
    Main Applicant: Dr. Önder Kartal (UZH)
    Research Group: Prof. Ueli Grossniklaus (UZH)

  9. Systems modeling of the metabolic network of a gut microbial community
    Main Applicant: Dr. Julien Limenitakis (UniBE)
    Research Group: Prof. Andrew Macpherson (UniBE)

  10. Computational fate prediction of embryonic stem cell subpopulations
    Main Applicant: Dr. Stavroula Skylaki (ETHZ)
    Research Group: Prof. Timm Schroeder (ETHZ)

  11. Expounding epigenetiX
    Main Applicant: Dr. Dimitrios Spiliotopoulos (UZH)
    Research Group: Prof. Amedeo Caflisch (UZH)

  12. Morphogenesis of monolayer epithelia: models and experiments
    Main Applicant: Dr. Séverine Urdy (UZH)
    Research Group: Dr. Christof Aegerter (UZH)

  13. Interplay between lipid composition and ER structure and function: a systems approach
    Main Applicant: Maria Eugenia Zaballa (EPFL)
    Research Group: Prof. Gisou van der Goot (EPFL)



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Scientific Coordinator
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